My name is Ruth and I’m Bipolar, coming off my meds and blogging the results to 1). Give me something to do 2). Create a dialogue about mental health 3). Maybe it will help someone else, not just me

What are my credentials? Well, I’ve been sectioned five times. A blog has to be the only place this can be viewed a credential! My parents were both mentally ill. I also happen to have worked in a psychiatric hospital. I’ve seen ten therapists and been in addictions recovery thirty years. Time to write!

I’m an artist. Any artist knows you can’t be the full kilter to become one, whatever they tell you at college. This is probably my number one qualification, if I needed one.

Finally, writing to me is like breathing: I have to do it. I’m now, after a good couple of decades of serious engagement, wanting to branch out and have a few readers, and not simply those undertaking creative writing classes. None of them choose to read my work.

A blog seems to me to represent a kind of middle ground between writing for enjoyment and writing with readers in mind. Let’s see how it goes…

Published by unipolar2

I’m a writer living in Wales

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