Gratitude List

I haven’t had a drink of alcohol today or yesterday

I’m pretty busy

People are asking me to things quite regularly

My flat

I live somewhere quiet

I’m involved in service and I find it interesting

Chelsea Worlds End

Sharing from Phillip, Brad, Natalie, Chris

Alison’s friendship

My blog

My new clothes

My jobs

Not being on a diet

TV, especially iPlayer — Silent Witness, Vigil, Informer, Hunt for a Killer, Police Reality programs, Endevour, Grantchester, The Spilt,

Being a slacker

I took a lunch break and went to a meeting

Titus didn’t upset me all that much when he went autistic on me

Susan and Fred contacting me

Being able to problem solve

Giving up obsessional tidiness

Brad — because I could tell him anything, and he’s such fun

Helene — for giving me a space to express myself

Sally — for telling me I’m intelligent and cared about and I have friends

My education

Surrendering vanity

Green spaces and the sea

End of exercise obsession

Skills and abilities

All my books


The colour of our front door, and the building

All my lovely things




St Mary’s Church

Phillipa Perry’s writing

Rupert Sheldrake’s ideas

Malcolm Gladwell’s talks

Published by unipolar2

I’m a writer living in Wales

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