Money in the Bank

I got a text from my ex yesterday. It’s the first time he’s texted, or contacted me, in a while. Usually, I do the reaching out: asking him how he is, does he want to go to the beach, fancy a coffee, etc. But then I got tired of that. Especially since he ejected meContinue reading “Money in the Bank”

Thoughts of a Literary Superstar

I’m rather taken with the idea of a literary superstar writing an undercover blog. A thought I had yesterday after reading the Guardian interview with Sally Rooney, of Conversations With Friends and Normal People fame. As reported, Rooney suffers the afflictions of literary superstardom, and doesn’t like them, for various reasons: trolls, the expectations ofContinue reading “Thoughts of a Literary Superstar”

Back In Therapy

It was good to see my therapist, H, again. She literally works at the top of my street. It’s got to be the shortest journey for therapy I’ve ever made. One of the benefits of living in a small town. It’s a nice place as well. A big old building, with various therapies on offer,Continue reading “Back In Therapy”

Mid Life Malaise

It occurs to me today that I have never been in this position before; of being a forty-nine year old woman. A gloomy one. Gloomy I think, in part, because of my age. At forty-nine there is a lot less possibility and a much greater opportunity to ruminate on my failures. It’s funny because fromContinue reading “Mid Life Malaise”

Self Pity

I’ve got my first therapy session tomorrow. I’ve been racking my brains for days about topics to ‘work on’. My therapist prefers it if issue are delineated to address. Today I came up with something! Walking is a good time for me to be mulling over current issues I’m preoccupied with. A big one forContinue reading “Self Pity”

The End of A Romance

One of the issues that’s hard for me to escape at the moment how long it takes to fully recover from an intimate relationship. It seems to happen in layers. I’ve been navigated the ‘friendship’ stage of relating, which, I must admit hasn’t really worked. My ex appears to have a compulsion to reject meContinue reading “The End of A Romance”


Over the past decade or so one of the ideas that has preoccupied me has been about falling in love. I had read the psychoanalyst Adam Phillips on this topic, he said: you can’t do it on your own. You can only fall in love with someone who loves you back. That means unrequited loveContinue reading “FALLING IN LOVE ETC”

My Happy Place, Therapy, Money and The Social Dilemma

I’m still working out how you headline a blog post with an image. Today I’ve chosen two members of my immediate family, a couple to whom I am “Auntie Ruth”. That makes me the ‘sister’ of my best buddy and this delightful pair his ‘children’. Recently I pointed out to him that his dogs getContinue reading “My Happy Place, Therapy, Money and The Social Dilemma”

Philipa and I

Yesterday Philipa Perry said on Twitter: I’ll answer any questions you may have until I fall asleep 😴ask me anything. I had to think about this. One, because it was now the following day and I wasn’t sure she would still be answering questions (there had been a lot of them from her 160K followers),Continue reading “Philipa and I”