My Happy Place, Therapy, Money and The Social Dilemma

I’m still working out how you headline a blog post with an image. Today I’ve chosen two members of my immediate family, a couple to whom I am “Auntie Ruth”. That makes me the ‘sister’ of my best buddy and this delightful pair his ‘children’. Recently I pointed out to him that his dogs getContinue reading “My Happy Place, Therapy, Money and The Social Dilemma”

Philipa and I

Yesterday Philipa Perry said on Twitter: I’ll answer any questions you may have until I fall asleep 😴ask me anything. I had to think about this. One, because it was now the following day and I wasn’t sure she would still be answering questions (there had been a lot of them from her 160K followers),Continue reading “Philipa and I”

Various Recovery Bits and Bobs

Various Recovery Bits and Bobs I’ve just got back from my walk to Aldi. It’s a warm sunny day, in contrast to the weekend, which was pretty grim. My local high street is still thronging with summer holiday tourists, although the coffee shop wasn’t too busy this morning. My walk to Aldi is quite aContinue reading “Various Recovery Bits and Bobs”

Success and Failure

Philipa Perry writes the ‘problem page’ for the Observer now, and I think she’s a really good agony aunt. A few weeks ago she advised a man who was struggling with his life — boredom and ennui, as I remember it — to pay attention to his dreams. Perhaps new avenues for exploration would beContinue reading “Success and Failure”